Fireworks Popcorn

Fireworks Popcorn has a premium taste and texture. Naturally trans fat free. Whole grain nutrition. All natural, gluten free and a non GMO product.

15 oz. size

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Orchard Blossom - This pink colored popping corn has a sweet flavor, tender texture, and pops up light and fluffy.

Harvest Blend - A blend of crisp, flavorful Fireworks favorites.

Red River Valley - A dark, rich, and red kernel variety known for its refined dryer taste and airy texture.

Sunset Fire - Hues of gold and red stripe kernels pop light, fluffy and intensely flavorful with a slight natural butter taste.

Savannah Gold - Creamy texture with mellow flavor, this sweet flavored corn is so sweet, it's like you have buttered it.

High Mountain Midnight - This variety of blue corn pops up larger than most blues, and features a wild, robust flavor, with a creamy texture.

Wisconsin White Birch - This delicious white popping corn pops up light and crispy, with a mild sweet flavor.